About us

SoftFact & Staffing born to cover a need of IT developpers that is growing faster than the capacity to train internal resources.
The head of the company is leaded by Pablo Tasso, experienced Engineer located in France since 2000, ex-professor in an MBA of "Strategic Planification" and "Investment Projects"; and Gabriel Arenas, who is a Software Engineer, his first jobs were in the area of public health performing functional survey and development and implementation of systems in several public hospitals, he also worked in the wine industry in network infrastructure, development and implementation of various systems, the analysis of business data and design of Datawarehouse and Dashboards. Since 2003 he has been a university professor at the -UM- University of Mendoza, in the departments of Database Design, Computer Security and Systems Auditing. In recent years he has also dedicated himself to research at the - DIUM - Research Department of the UM, covering various topics, among which AI stands out.



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